Two seasonal lots available for rent

Camping Fees (plus GST)

Camping (Member’s Lot) $15
Camping Fees $20
Camping Fees (Full Service) $34
Camping Fees (Power) $26.50
Camping Fees (Monthly) $500
Seasonal Camping $3500
(includes family golf membership & $300 clubhouse tab)
Washer, Drying (Each) $5
Showers $3
Group Camping Area (Plus Unit Fee as per Above) $100
Wood pallet of firewood $50

For questions regarding golfing or camping fees please contact the Clubhouse at 780-837-2100.

Shelter (plus GST)

Shelter $75
Damage deposit for shelter rental $200
Group camping area $100


Seasonal lots are available, please contact the Clubhouse at 780-837-2100 or email for more information.

No noise between 11pm-8am